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International Author & The Irish Medium

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Being born with the "VEIL" is seen as a great blessing.

Today, 1 in 80,000 children are born with the VEIL, the blessed gift of mediumship and intuition.

I've chosen to share my gift to empower people to live their most blessed life

Fiona sunset card.jpeg

I have been a Spirit Medium from the moment I was born. 


Being born with the VEIL was seen to be a very lucky omen back then and, as a child, my most vivid memory is that of my Silver Lady who used to come and visit me. I called her that because she would shine so brightly and, being just a child, I had no other word or meaning for her. She would take me traveling, showing me things that back then would frighten any young child, but now looking back on the last twenty odd years; she was just showing me the way to my future. I say this with a very big smile on my face; my plans never went the way I had ever expected. 


Normally, I would land in places unintentionally, but again, that was my ego and free will, as I am also human. Without fail, my Silver Lady would return always in the middle of the night, ready to chat or take me to places that I had never been. I was very reluctant to partake in this as it frightened me until one night; sitting in a small house that I lived in with my first-born daughter there she was, large as life in my sitting room.  My first reaction was to run like a scalded cat out the door. Then, in a moment of utter calm and peace, I decided to just sit and stay put.  If she was going to take me away, there was no point in me running. She would have found me. 


Looking back now she was talking to my soul, and I understood each and every word at a soul level. The emotion that had poured through me was one that I can only describe as real love. 


From that day on, she and I had long conversations. I had my questions that she would mirror straight back to me. I had to find the answers myself, although looking back, I already knew them. She had told me not to be afraid of the spirit beings that would come, as they were just looking for some way to connect with their loved ones who were grieving and searching for answers.


I rarely spoke of this to anyone as I thought they would think I was a crazy person who could have conversations with dead people. This was until one particular evening; a lady knocked my door and asked me if I could help her. I thought immediately that she was lost and needing direction, but as my Silver Lady appeared and with a nod, I knew it was a different type of direction she was looking for. 

While I made her a cup of tea, there she sat gazing at me like she was waiting for the heavens perhaps to open and down would come some magnificent Angel. I, on the other side of the table, remember saying in my mind, “Oh, holy God, I need help!” And help arrived in the form of a spirit...


And there he stood beside her: a young man with his sallow skin smiling with the whitest teeth I’d ever seen. I told her this and what he was wearing I will always remember the check shirt his white T-shirt and blue jeans. It was then I began to feel the sharpest pain in my legs and arms, then my head. I felt violently sick. I could feel his pain that he had suffered. 


Taking a sip of my tea, and trying to stay calm as anyone could.  He began to tell me how he had got himself into trouble with the wrong type of people. How he had been beaten before his body had been dumped into a river. They had tried to make it look that I killed myself, but I would never have done this to my mother and my family”.

This was my first reading as a medium, and so the journey began.

I am the "Irish Medium."

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