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An Angel To watch over You

To all who believe and those who may question do we have gaurdian Angels?

Well the answer is we most certainly do. Today make a difference in doing something you wouldnt normally do,make someone else smile even for brief moment smile at a stranger and know that there angel smiles through them also. Know our celestial friends work through others as a catalyst to help you and others through life's situations whether that is people, places, and things. If you are struggling with something right now hand it over to your Gaurdian Angels right now , then take a breathe and simply move forward through your amazing day. You have been blessed today because you opened two amazing gifts this morning .....Your Eyes remember there are people who had plans for today that sadly haven't woke up . So step into today with the wonder of a child and embrace everything even the mundane . And know always you are never ever alone . Your Angel is right there with you helping you every step you take this day .

May you be Happy

May you be well

May all things go well for you

The Irish Medium

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