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Being Strong

Did you know that Faith is the light that illuminates your path of life. Without it the future can look quite grim and at times frightening. Did you know that you are the embodiment of strength and yet you get tired , you get tired of being the strong one , the one everyone turns to in times of need. So here is a question to you the strong one . What and who is there for you? I am sure you may be reading this thinking hmmmmm..... In life you will be extremely lucky to be gifted friendships that are placed on you're path at the right moments sometimes in the craziest of moments the real strong one's suddenly appear . Some will stay quite close and there will be those that from a distance can sense you need them . It is those soul warriors that you will need. It is in these moments of feeling flat, floored, zapped, unplugged, whatever you want to call it that it is essential for you to take the necessary steps to keep your heart and mind filled with faith . Like the flame of that candle if you cant be the flame then be the reflection but if you are so tired that you feel you can be niether flame or reflection this is when your soul warriors step in and help . They will shine the light for you and allow you to rest knowing you will awaken like the phoenix and rise from the ashes fully awakened and ready to keep the candle , your flame of faith burning so that others that are tired can rest and give them hope as it eliminates all their fears and anxiety remember you are the light in someone else's gloomy hopelessness. So as you become stronger with the help of an unseen army and you're true soul friends .Remember as you make others stronger , it strengthens you too.

Let go of worrisome thoughts rise above old tendancies . Be real , allow yourself to feel genuine emotions recognise them and bless them and then let them go.

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Apr 06, 2023

Fiona, thank you for this important reminder❤️. It is so easy to forget.


Apr 04, 2023

I’m Going through one of the darkest, deepest moments of my life and I am learning to embrace every second of it. I enjoy your messages, even though they aren’t to me specifically, spirit knows what I need ❤️❤️❤️


Oct 11, 2022

Strength is the key to getting through 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️

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