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Connecting with Your Loved ones

For me there is nothing quite like seeing the reaction of a loved one connect with their family on this side . When i sit with spirit whether it is one to one or within an audience setting they always blow me away. With how they connect so specifically to show their loved ones that they truly are with them down to the finest of details that only they would know . Its a beautiful experience for those who may feel left behind and the question of "do they know they are so loved and missed"? Their communication is simply beyond amazing. The emotions we feel of loss and heart wrenching pain can cripple the strongest of human beings. It's in remembering that you are still here on this earth plain and yes you have every right to feel what you feel . They on the other hand spend quite a lot of their time around you helping you to heal so that you can live your best life knowing you are never alone you are always being guided by them and your Angel's .

Now i have connected to a lot of loved ones who have been more frustrated because they had been giving so much of their energy to give you signs that yes they hear you, yes they see everything and no you are not alone , what frustrates them is when you give up on life . When you stop caring and taking care of yourself . It is perfectly okay to fall over we are all human what isn't okay is staying down , this makes them sad . So if your reading this today missing someone or feeling low and not able to move forward please know you are never alone and you are so loved always . They know how much you miss and adore them every minute of every day , so make them proud live your life for you .

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Love your blog it's speaks and resonates with in every way.... Your gift to speak to our loved ones helps me get on with my daily life... I know how much you love to see and hear how we strengthen and move forward in our lives... Your gift is incredible I feel at peace to know that my loved ones are sitting beside seeing and listening to everything.... And you told that my mother said stop eating the wheelie crisps and everytime that if stand looking at them in the supermarket you said that she had her said at the side of her face saying stay away from the wheelie crisps..🤣🤣 I haven't ate them since... I appreciate every messa…

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